About Us

Who We Are

PNC was founded in 2009 and have, throughout the years, completed various successful projects as well as maintaining continuous projects as received. As a group of qualified and experienced individuals the company has grown to become a competitor in the market of transformer maintenance as well as the servicing of high voltage electrical equipment.

Our quality service levels are made more effective by our expert management team and support staff.​

We have more than 45 years experience in transformer maintenance and servicing of high voltage electrical equipment. We have, more recently, changed our focus to not only include the above, but are also providing Switchgear Services and Maintenance to our clients and prospective clients.

​Our main objective is to raise our BBBEE status within the following five years, as well as focusing on the skills development of our employees and support-staff. We are a proud level 2 BEE Contributor and we strive to provide our clients, and prospective clients, with quality service, excellent working relationships, and prompt feedback, as well as the quality of our products.