Products & Services

Oil Sampling

Transformer oil test can be classified as follows:

  • The full test done on transformers include kV tests, moisture tests, DGA tests as well as the testing of acidity levels within the oil.
  • The normal tests done on transformers include only kV tests, moisture tests as well as the testing of the acidity levels within the oil.
  • PCB exact count (ppm).
  • Furanics test.
  • Tan Delta and Interfacial Tension as well as others.

Contact our companies' sales representative for more information on the types of tests that can be performed.

Transformer Services

We specialize in the installation and commissioning of transformers up to 315 MVA but also provide the following service:

  • Repairs on transformers such as Oil leaks, tap changers, bushings etc.
  • Rewind of transformers.
  • Testing of transformers (Full commissioning tests can also be done, if requested).
  • Cleaning of transformers.
  • Spray painting of transformers.
  • Purification of transformer oil ( we attend to the purification of the oil, either off-line or on-line)
  • Onsite regeneration of transformer oil.
  • Supply and delivery of mini-subs.
  • We also buy and sells transformers.

Purification of Transformer Insulating Oils

The following specifications describes the plants used by PNC Oil (Pty) Ltd for the filtration of transformer insulating oil.

The purifiers are designed for filtration of transformer oil in workshops, storage tanks, drums or directly in transformers. Purification of oil in transformers can be carried out off-load or on-load depending on customers' preference.

​Water Removal

Water is removed by heating the oil passing it through coalesces inside a vacuum chamber. During this process water and oil are separated and clean dry insulating oil are returned to the transformer.

​Gas Removal

During the vacuum stage of the process all dissolved gasses are removed from the oil, leaving it clean, dry and gas free. Oxygen, as an accelerator of oxidation, is also removed.

​Particulate Matter Removal

98% of all particles over .5 micrometre is removed.

​Dielectric Strength

Improvement in dielectric strength, up to 70 kV, with new oil.

Switchgear Services

Our services also include the following pertaining to Switchgear:

  • Service and Repair of HT Circuit Breakers.
  • Retro Fitting of HT circuit breakers.
  • The servicing and testing on all relays and CT"s.
  • Cleaning and Painting of Substations.
  • Service of Battery Trip Units.
  • We also buy and sell HT circuit breakers, vacuum breakers and gas breakers.
  • Installation and commissioning of HT circuit breakers.

Other Services

  • Building of overhead lines up to 132kV.
  • Cable fault finding.
  • Cable joints and terminations.
  • Consulting.
  • Infrared scanning.
  • Transportation.
  • Assist in fire suppression system